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ARCTIC Prerequisites

Hello all,

Trying to get ARCTIC_1.2 running on a Macbook Pro, using Slicer vis svn
checkout (today's version).

I have tried these commands (via the ARCTIC tutorial pdf) to no avail:

The executables are in a ZIP file : ARCTIC_Executables_1.2_linux32/64/Mac

Unzip this file somewhere in your computer.

An “ARCTIC_Executables_1.2” folder will be created, containing executables
needed to perform the cortical thickness analysis.

To add the executables as Slicer3 external modules: - Open Slicer3 - Go to
View → Application Settings →Module Settings - Click on the
“add a preset” button - Select the “ARCTIC_Executables_1.2” folder and
confirm - Close Slicer3

Set ARCTIC environment variable

-tcsh usage : setenv BatchmakeWrapper_Dir Batchmake-Wrapper-Directory
-bash usage : export BatchmakeWrapper_Dir=Batchmake-Wrapper-Directory

ARCTIC-Executables-Directory/ : Downloaded folder

Slicer3-Plugins-Directory/ : Directory containing Slicer3 plugins

Nightly build version : “Slicer3Dir”/lib/Slicer3/Plugins
Slicer3-Bin-Directory/ : Directory containing Slicer3 binary files

Nightly build version : “Slicer3Dir”/lib/Slicer3/bin
Batchmake-Wrapper-Directory/ : Downloaded folder

Anyone else having issues? Did I miss a step?

Many thanks!

Stuart W.
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