[Announcement] 3D Slicer Adds Volumetric Mesh Support

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[Announcement] 3D Slicer Adds Volumetric Mesh Support

Alexis Girault

With the collaboration of multiple 3D Slicer community members reunited during the NA-MIC 2017 Winter Project Week, volumetric mesh visualization support was brought back to the 3D Slicer 4.x series.

The basic capabilities gravitate around an enhanced MRML model node class, as well as improved display functionalities for clipping, thresholding, 3D and 2D visualization and scalar range selection. These capabilities offer better consistency and usability.

These features, which are already available in the Slicer Nightly build, will be a part of the 4.7 release of 3D Slicer and will facilitate upcoming work to bring more volumetric mesh capabilities (such as mesh creation and conversion to other data structures) to the platform.

Find more about those features on the dedicated blog post describing volumetric mesh support: https://blog.kitware.com/3d-slicer-adds-volumetric-mesh-support/

Alexis Girault
R&D Engineer in Medical Computing
Kitware, Inc.

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