Batch for ModelintoLabel Volumes

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Batch for ModelintoLabel Volumes

Pruce,  Benjamin

I have started to perform some exploratory analysis with Freesurfer and
3dSlicer on structural images.  I have used Freesurfer to run the
standard parcellation of whole brain volume, and then imported these
parcel maps into slicer to create 3d models of each parcel region.  I'm
curious if anyone has tried to create a batch process to turn each
parcel model into an ROI?  The issue is that there are essentially 212
parcellations and doing each one by hand would be very tedious.  In
contrast, is there a way to take a file like the wmparc.mgz file and
create seperate .nii files for each region in the wmparc map without
first creating a 3d model and then modelintolabel?

Ben Pruce

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