Extension repository problems?

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Extension repository problems?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to install a extension using the extension manager but I can hardly retrieve the extension list. When I try to install any extension listed I get this message:

[DEBUG][Qt] 12.01.2017 11:41:00 [] (unknown:0) - "Retrieving extension metadata [ extensionId: 63220]"
[CRITICAL][Qt] 12.01.2017 11:41:02 [] (unknown:0) - "Error while parsing outputs: status:  code:
[WARNING][Qt] 12.01.2017 11:41:02 [] (unknown:0) - QObject::connect: Cannot connect (null)::finished(qSlicerExtensionDownloadTask*) to qSlicerExtensionsManagerModel::onInstallDownloadFinished(qSlicerExtensionDownloadTask*)

I've tried in several computers and locations (home and work) with the same result.

Is there any problem with the repository?