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FYI there will be a short-notice outage during the evening of January
20th.  This will impact web sites hosted at BWH, including most of
slicer.org and the namic wiki...

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Subject: Re: [Active-system-users] IMPORTANT! SPL Shutdown notice!
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 15:17:46 -0500
From: Robert McKie <[hidden email]>
To: Steve Pieper <[hidden email]>


Yes - all will be affected.

Steve Pieper wrote:

> Hi Bob -
> Before I forward this over to the slicer developer and user lists, can
> you confirm that these systems are the ones impacted:
> - slicer.org web site and wiki
> - @bwh.harvard.edu mailing lists (slicer-users and slicer-devel)
> - bug tracker
> I believe slicer's svn is hosted at kitware so it won't be down.
> Any other systems down that will impact outside clients?
> Thanks,
> Steve
> On 01/18/2011 01:06 PM, Robert McKie wrote:
>> On Thursday afternoon around 4:30 PM, January 20th,, the entire SPL IT
>> infrastructure at L1-050 will be powered down. BWH engineering is
>> replacing  the power distribution system that feeds the SPL, and is
>> going to cut our power early morning Friday so that they can switch us
>> over to a temporary replacement source of power.
>> To assure that SPL equipment is not damaged by this operation, we'll
>> have to power down everything in the lab, including the air conditioning
>> unit, before we head home for the day. When we come in on Friday
>> morning, we'll start the process of bringing equipment up in some
>> rational order.
>> This power outage will affect EVERYTHING in the lab, including email. No
>> normal operations will be possible. Plan your work accordingly. We hope
>> to be up completely by noon on Friday if everything goes smoothly.
>> As implied by the first paragraph, this will have to happen once again
>> when Partners is ready to switch us back to a permanent power source. We
>> have been told unofficially that this will not occur for six to eight
>> weeks. We will request engineering to give us a two-week heads-up when
>> they thing they will be ready to do the second switchover and will try
>> to keep you apprised of the BWH schedule.
>> Please pass this information on to any external collaborators who will
>> not receive this message. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but the
>> issue is beyond our control
>> Bob McKie

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