How to get contours from segmentation results?

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How to get contours from segmentation results?

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Hi there,

I'm a newbie of 3D slicer. Now I have a basic question.
I have obtained the 3D segmentation volumes (0 is background, 1 is tumor object). Now I want to create a visualization for paper figure, are there any ways to do this task in 3D Slicer?

I have tried the following two methods:
(1) using 3D canny edge detection (, but the result looks bad.
(2) using the edge detection in 3D slicer, the result also look bad.

I want get a smoother 3D contour based on the 3D segmentation result. That is, the 3D contour is the edge of the 3D segmentation.

Could you please give some advice? Any comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot!