How to run Slicer3 on newer Mac OSX

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How to run Slicer3 on newer Mac OSX

I had a reason to run Slicer3 on OS X 10.12, and was surprised that it actually worked with just a little help -- the normal launcher gives a bunch of dylib errors.

- commands in bash:
  tar xzf Slicer3-3.6.3-2011-03-04-darwin-x86.tar.gz
cd Slicer3-3.6.3-2011-03-04-darwin-x86
  mkdir tmp
  for f in `find ./ -name *.dylib`; do cp $f tmp`; done
  cp bin/Slicer3-real tmp
  cd tmp
  DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=./ ./Slicer3-real

(it seems that executable and dylibs need to be in the same directory to get priority resolution over hard-coded paths)

Maybe this helps someone, or future me. The GUI is very slow.


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