MIT IAP course on clinical imaging informatics

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MIT IAP course on clinical imaging informatics

Steve Pieper-2
Dear Friends - 

Some of us are teaching an IAP course in January that may be of interest - see the attached flier and info below.  There will be four 4-hour sessions with presentations and hands-on labs.  Anyone in the community is welcome, but space may be limited.

"Interested in the frontier of clinical data and medical imaging? The January 2017 MIT IAP non-credit course Clinical Imaging Informatics: Radiology in 2020 develops this frontier between the two areas. Hands on workshops and exercises as well as lectures from leading experts in the field will help you understand the medical imaging workflow, data visualization and extraction of knowledge from images and machine learning applications that include both clinical and image data, including deep learning tools. Visit for more information and the registration form.”

Many thanks,


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