Opacity issues with model exported from segmentations module

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Opacity issues with model exported from segmentations module

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Hi all,

I am attempting to create skull models from MR data in both the editor and segment editor modules. So far, I've had better luck using the segmentation tools to accomplish this. The problem I'm having now is that I would like to export the segmentation to a model node for quick viewing, however the exported models have odd transparency features. For example, the outside of the skull will be semi-transparent but the inside of the skull will appear solid even though it is made from a single segment. Thus when viewing the overall skull model, I see the inside curvature instead of the outside.

I have tried changing opacity settings before and after exporting to a model node, but the results have so far been the same. Am I missing a setting or is this just a drawback to exporting the segmentation? I've attached some sample images showing the correct model (using the create surface feature) and the problem model.