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PACS Setup?

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Can this software be configured to send directly to a PACS system?

I tried a brief search to look for documentation, but didn't find anything that was really clear on it.

I tried on my own to set it up under the DCM button, then Query.

Under the Data Sources, I'm just not sure what exactly goes in each category.  (If this even works)


Calling AETitle  ( I assumed this is what AE title the software is going to be)
Storage AETitle  (I assumed this is my PACS storage AE Title)
Storage Port  (I assumed this is my PACS storage port)

I added my query and storage Servers in as well.

Right now, after doing all that, and having my PACS vendor setup on their side the info for the software and my pc's IP, they still can't DICOM Echo it.

Can someone confirm this can actually be setup to DICOM import/export directly to a PACS System?