Slicer slow/laggy on older (hospital) workstations?

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Slicer slow/laggy on older (hospital) workstations?

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I'm trying to run Slicer on Thinkpad C30 workstations. These run Windows 7 SP1, on Dual Core Xeon E5-2620 2Ghz, 12 Gb ram, NVIDIA Quadro 600 4Gb. They run several image viewers quite smoothly (including the hospital-supplied IMPAX viewer).

When I install the latest stable Slicer -- 4.6.2, it's painfully slow to even scroll through the slices of a normal volume. Changing a slice via the scroll bar or the mousewheel takes about 2-3 seconds to respond. Is this to be expected given the configuration of these machines?

I'm trying to understand what I'm doing wrong, or whether these machines just can't run slicer smoothly. I hope it's not the latter :)

- Adrian