Thresholding (lightblue and yellow) of image in 2D view.

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Thresholding (lightblue and yellow) of image in 2D view.

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I am trying to work out, how I can control the colors used for  thresholding in the 2D  view. For some reason when I open my mouse scan files in linux, my low values pixels are displayed as  blue and high value pixels are yellow. For example,  I get the following:-

But when I use the open the same file and same version in windows desktop I get the desired results.

Things I have tried so far
1> I have tried look at the 2D view controllers, but I could not find a way to fix this. Also, I could not see the additional options button mentioned in the online manual.
2>Tried to see if there is a way for fixing this this using the Thresholding present in the display section of the volume module.
3>I have tried looking for an answer on the online forum and the manual. Perhaps I may be using the wrong key words.
It will be a big help if some one can point the way.

Thanks a lot