bad allocation error in FastMarchingSegmentation module

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bad allocation error in FastMarchingSegmentation module

hello all,

I have a problem with the FastMarchingSegmentation module,
when i use it after loading Slicer with a volume and some input the module works great.
but if i try to use it again, i receive a bad allocation error. i guess there is a memory leak in this module.

can someone tell us what can be done, this module is very important for our work.

Thank you,
Elad Dabool

the error we received:

ERROR: In ..\KWWidgets\vtkKWTkUtilities.
cxx, line 230
vtkSlicerApplication (0BD9AF90):
FastMarchingSegmentationProcessGUIEvents vtkObj5152 vtkObj5265 10000
    Returned Error on line 1:
Uncaught exception: bad allocation

Stack trace:
Uncaught exception: bad allocation

    while executing
"$fmFilter init [expr [lindex $dim 1] + 1] [expr [lindex $dim 3] + 1]  [expr [lindex $dim 5] + 1] $depth $dx $dy $dz"
    (procedure "FastMarchingSegmentationInitializeFilter" line 29)
    invoked from within
"FastMarchingSegmentationInitializeFilter $this"
    (procedure "FastMarchingSegmentationProcessGUIEvents" line 43)
    invoked from within
"FastMarchingSegmentationProcessGUIEvents vtkObj5152 vtkObj5265 10000"

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