vmtkslicermodule installation problems on windows (Vista)

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vmtkslicermodule installation problems on windows (Vista)


I tried installing vmtkslicer module in windows (vista) using:Slicer3 3.5.2009-12-20,Slicer3 3.5.2009-12-13 unsuccessfully.

At one point I was able to manually load and compile in Slicer3 3.5.2009-12-20, but got errors in recognizing the vmtkslicermodule.

I request some clarifications: (1). all folders (except vmtkslicermodule) have python files that
are not involved in any compiling or installations.

(2). Can I compile vmtkslicermodule using cmake2.6 or 2.8? If yes, could you please give details.

(3). Extension manager doesn't generate vmtkslicermodule folder. Instead a file by the same name
with no extension (1147kb) is created..


AM Mohan Rao

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